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 Administrative Roster

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PostSubject: Administrative Roster   Wed Jan 06, 2010 3:54 pm

Company Officer: CPT-Remy
Co-Company Officer: 2LT-Steele

Company's First Sergeant: 1SG-EBK

First Platoon Commander: 2LT-Williams
First Platoon Sergeant: SFC-Pena

Second Platoon Commander: 2LT-Steele
Second Platoon Sergeant: SFC-Granger

DMOS Roster

S-1 Leader: SGT-Alpine
S-1 Assistant:

S-2 Leader:
S-2 Assistant:

S-3 Leader:
S-3 Assistant:

S-4 Leader:
S-4 Assistant:

Last updated by: 2LT-Williams
Date updated: 29JAN10 1610
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Administrative Roster
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