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 3rd Rangers Battalion Information

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PostSubject: 3rd Rangers Battalion Information   Thu Jan 14, 2010 10:03 am

First, beneath the banner we have a list that goes like this, HOME:CALENDER:FAQ:SEARCH:MEMBERS:GROUPS:UCP:PM:LOGOUT

What Home does is return you to our homepage ( the forums and ect. )
What Calender does has special events that we hold
What Faq does is answer some common questions, I will post more if necessary
What Search does search our forums
What Members does is show everyone registered onto this forum. With this you can view our roster by click Members > Under where is says Join Date click on it, then select Usergroups.
What group does is show the groups we hold. Ignore it.
What U.C.P. is User Command Panel. It controls your details, signatures avatars ect.
What P.M. is is Player Messages. Send messages to others.
What Logout does is safely log out your account
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3rd Rangers Battalion Information
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